A Next generation Sewage Treatment technology called “BIOZONE” is a newly in house developed technology, which has a Compact Design, Foot print reduction, Less Energy, No Aeration, No sludge disposal, No chemical usage, Proven Technology and meets desired outlet water qualities. This whole new level technology provides a CAPEX savings of 40% and OPEX savings of around 60%.

How It Works

The wastewater is Collected in a tank where the in house Engineered Bacteria Culture (Patent Filed) is Present. by retaining oils, fats, greases and organic solids. This reduces the BOD and COD level present in the wastewater. The wateris pumped into the filters to reduce suspended particles. At the last stage, a next generation ozone unit is setup reduce the excess BOD and disinfection purposes. The treated water can be used for gardening and flushing purposes.

Odour NO Yes
Foam No Yes
Sludge No Yes
Chemical No Yes
Footprint Less High
Fully Automatic Less Expensive Highly Expensive
Solar Powered Capability Possible Not Possible
Chemical Costs Zero Major OPEX
Power Savings 60% Zero
Maintenance Cost Less Expensive (70% lesser) Highly Expensive